Chinatown Street Photography Tour

Here’s another photo from last Sunday’s street photography workshop. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a lot of time to post photos lately. Hopefully I will be sharing more soon.
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Chinatown 2015 -2

Chinatown Street Photography Workshop

Last Sunday we had a street photography workshop in Chinatown and it went really well. This coming Sunday will be Midtown Manhattan. New York City is great for street photography. You can get more information or register on my site through the link here.
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Gaga shuttle-Edit

Free Occupy Wall Street eBook

I’ve been doing some updates on my website lately. I now have the link to my free eBook This is what democracy looks like there. It is a series of photos that I took during the Occupy Wall Street protests here in New York City. Thanks to Joshua Evan​
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Occupy Wall Street 48

The life of a photographer

The life of a photographer! Well let me say that the process of taking photos, processing photos and then trying to update my website isn’t always easy. And that’s in-between being a licensed New York City tour guide, a writer and now a published author through Indie Editions​ alas, I am starting to update my website :-)
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2015 Drag March - 1

Urban Bliss photo series has been published!!!

I used to just take random photos! Certainly there were areas of interest that I took photos of. But in the few years or so I have been concentrating more on creating series of photos. It has changed the way that I look at my work. And alas, it has let to my work being published by Indie Editions​ :-) How cool is that? Oh, and you can support #indie #art too. It is affordable! #zine